Feel the Rhythm Down in Your Soul

Dance away unwanted body fat in our Zumba classes

Do you hate to work out in the gym but love to dance in the club? Blend the best of both worlds by attending high-energy Zumba classes at J3 Fitness. Bring a couple of friends or fly solo in one of our fun fitness classes. You'll be able to laugh and dance your way to your fitness goals with a group of other local athletes.

Join other local dancers who are ready to groove and move

Anyone is welcome to join us. We have men and women from all walks of life and various fitness levels who attend our all-inclusive classes. Whether you've been getting down all your life or you want to try dancing for the first time, we have a class you'll love.

Don't wait to give Zumba a try - stop by one of our classes this week.

Here's what you need to know about Zumba

When our owner was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle and start working out. To help others do the same, he took his roots in dance and grew J3 Fitness into the thriving Zumba gym that it is today.

To lose weight, build muscle, strengthen your heart and improve your mood, get up and dance with our enthusiastic Zumba trainer. Zumba:

  • Alternates between fast and slow rhythms, which improves your overall cardiovascular fitness
  • Is done in groups, which helps you make new friends and stay motivated throughout the workout
  • Can be modified to meet your needs, which means you can alter any move that hurts your joints
To learn more about the benefits of Zumba, call 716-986-3600 now to speak with our friendly trainer.